Landscape and city Bischofszell are located between the mountain Säntis in the Alpstein and the lake of Constance (Bodensee) in the canton Thurgau in eastern Switzerland. Embedded in the pictures orchyards and the two rivers Sitter and Thur uniting, the ancient and well preserved baroque town (5600 inhabitants) is sitting.

The old town, the historical industry and the modern food production company BINA are unique places in the region lake of Constance. Most famous is Bischofszell for receiving the honor of the first Wakkerpreis in 1987, for its well preserved old town with the guardtower “Bogenturm”, and for its anual celebration of the roses (Rosenwoche).

Every lover of the nature will find his place here, with the many rivers, ponds and lakes, the meadows and the high moor.The moated castle in Hudelmoos, the wooden ferry over the Sitter, the forest of Bischofszell with the open air tavern Waldschenke, the 5 ponds trail or the trail from Bischofszell to Neunforn are ideal hikes for every hiker. And there is much more.

The non-smoking, cozy cottage and the yurt having a view from their verandas to the vally of the river sitter. In the summer one can see the fields full of crop or the cows pasture on the meadow. In Eberswil are 2 active farms and in total 21 houses, a neat little village.

Away from the main stream tourism, in Eberswil you can enjoy a quite different and sustainable tourism. Never the less within 30 minutes by car you are in St. Gallen, in Appenzell or at the lake of Constance.

The position to start a sigh-seeing tour is ideal:
train: from Bischofszell Stadt (2 km)
airport: in Zürich (~70 km)
airport: in Altenrein (~30 km)
highway entrance: Oberbüren (10 km), Gossau (12 km)